STALKER Teflon Fluted Cylinder For SRS A1 / A2

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STALKER Teflon Fluted Cylinder For SRS Pull Bolt A1 / A2

This cylinder is a Teflon Fluted Version of a normal cylinder and makes your SRS A1 or A2 look super cool. The cylinder inner coating treatment is a cold treatment, so the cylinder retains its straight shape, which is often not the case with heat-treated cylinders. Your SRS does not only get a boost in proper looks but the cylinder also has a special inner coating which provides better transfer energy with pistons therefore also might boost up your joules if your piston has a right-sized cup.


  • This cylinder is made out of steel, It has a Teflon coating and high-quality finish.


  • This Cylinder is fully compatible with both Silverback SRS A1 and A2 Receivers.
  • This Cylinder thread works on both the A1 and A2 bolt handles.
  • This Cylinder Works with aftermarket Pistons

Installation instructions:

  • Lube the piston cup with a bit of PTFE Dry Spray / Drop of Silicon oil before use in the new cylinder.
  • Lube the outer surface of the cylinder with PTFE dry spray before use.


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