STALKER G-SPEC VSR-10 Air-Flow Inner Barrel Spacer Set (2pcs)

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STALKER G-SPEC VSR-10 Air-Flow Inner Barrel Spacer Set (2pcs)

Unique design with holes in the front, back and side.
The thick phat O-rings in and outside the spacers give you the best anti vibration possible and the dark purple color makes the spacers a good looking product. This unique design also might help to prevent some shot noise inside your outer barrel.

  • These Spacers will accept inner barrels like Stalker Morpheus, Maple Leaf, TNT, Stock barrels and all inner barrels that have a outer diameter between 8.40mm~8.60mm.
  • These Spacers fit VSR G-SPEC Outer Barrels with an inner diamter of ~27mm+ Such as Maple Leaf Outer Barrel , Action Army Outer Barrels etc.
  • This spacer set comes without inner barrel screws, please note that we suggest to use steel barrels like the Stalker Morpheus Steel Barrels in combination with these spacers + inner Barrel Screws. STALKER FLAT bottom inner barrel screws for this spacers are for sale as seperate product.
  • This spacer set contains 2 spacers.


*Please Note, different brand outer barrels and manufactured batches may vary in inner diameter size. if the spacers go more difficult in the outer barrel than usual, we recommend to use a little grease on the outside O-rings of these spacers.