STALKER Taiga Regular Boonie

"Blend in the nature"

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STALKER Taiga Regular Boonie

Stalker Regular Boonie Hat – Taiga

Just like the Stalker Ghillie, this Boonie hats boast a wealth of features, ensuring both comfort and adaptability for the wearer.

Handcrafted using IRR (infrared retardant) military grade materials which protect the wearer from opponents using night vision equipment, the Stalker Boonie is lightweight and includes randomised 3D Leaf patterning and an elasticated retention system in the color scheme taiga, designed to allow you to add natural vegetation from your environment to ensure ultimate concealment.


  • IRR Milspec Material
  • Full brim
  • Elasticated Retention System
  • Lightweight
  • Natural colouring & randomised patterning
  • Handcrafted