STALKER SRhop Bucking for Pistol/SSG-10/GBB/VSR-10

After designing a bucking for the first Gen SRS Kraken chamber, we started to prototype and test various other materials and buckings for other platforms such as pistols, GBB, and sniper rifles like VSR-10. We tried different manufacturers, materials, and molding processes and noticed a lot of differences when it comes to what, temperature, and what kind of material has been used to make the buckings.
We needed to have a perfectly balanced bucking to use in cold and warmer regions so we send out the new Kraken Gen2 and SRhop bucking to our testing panel all over the world in warm and cold regions and decided that the new material was spot on for cold and warmer regions.
it took us some time and testing but we are really impressed with this new bucking material and quality rubber!

The Bucking And Bucking Dimensions

We made sure all our buckings fit perfectly and the best on our Stalker Morpheus Inner Barrels but of course, we also checked the compatibility on a lot of aftermarket upgrade barrels such as Maple leaf, EdGi, Da Vinci, Lambda, TNT, and some more GBB barrels. The STALKER SRhop bucking all performed great on those barrels. Down here you see the close up photo of how the Stalker SRhop Bucking sample fit on one of our STALKER Morpheus Inner Barrel.
This is actually a see trough sample version just to show you the perfect fitment and patch inside the barrel window.

STALKER SRhop bucking fitment on our STALKER Morpheus Inner Barrel

The Bucking SRhop Patch inside the SRhop bucking

We noticed people like Separate Rhops for a long time but we have a feeling this is a bit mixed among airsofters, some like separate Rhops and some like Rhop Buckings. After our release of the Stalker SRhop patches and Rhop sleeve buckings we thought it was time for a Rhop bucking that has been perfectly fine tuned en well tested by the community for the community.
We designed the bucking according to the STALKER Morpheus inner barrel specs so it has that perfect fit on these barrels but will also fit a lot of other aftermarket barrels. The Stalker SRhop bucking has its own perfect balanced properties of good material, design and bucking patch fitment for optimal performance of your bb flight path. We wanted to have the largest bucking lift path possible so we enlarged the front of the SRhop as you see on the photos.
We are very grateful to the people who tested this product and we hope the community will enjoy it as much us we do!

STALKER SRhop Bucking Patch


These buckings will only fit on barrels that have no bridge so AEG barrels are not compatible with this bucking. The bucking entrance diameter is designed to fit most Pistol, GBB, VSR-10 platforms.
This bucking will not work in our STALKER KRAKEN Chamber, for this, you will need the Kraken SRhop Bucking that will be released soon!

Expected release date


Where to buy?

You can buy STALKER airsoft products at all Skirmshops and official dealers of my brand.

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