CNC machined upgrade to replace stock hop arm in Mk23 and SSX-23 when using TDC hop adjustment. "H plate" profile contact, designed to optimise BB to bucking contact patch. For maxiumum MK23 optimisation.

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This Product is a joined cooperation made product of Hadron Designs & STALKER 

In 2019 Stalker came up with The Mk23 drop in hop plate idea we first printed some samples on our Stalker printer to see if it worked with a TDC kit

Due to various circumstances we have decided not to continue to work with Hadron airsoft designs.
in trade for the stalker idea the blue H-arm Hop plate is sold exclusively by Skirmshop and will be available there while supplies last.


Stalker Airsoft now made their our own version TDC KIT and drop in hop plate with the following specs:

CNC machined Aluminium upgrade to improve range and accuracy as well as replace stock hop arm in the airsoft TM/STTi/ASG Mk23 and SSX-23.

Made with high tolerance and engraved with the STALKER logo this Mk23 Prowler plate offers you an awful lot of advantages when it comes to simplifying the hop-up assembly. All wobbly parts are a thing of the past, an arm can sometimes go skewed because the wheel of your stock Mk23 pulls the arm down on 1 side. With this plate, you ensure that your hop-up plate plus nub is always forced straight down TDC. in combination with the STALKER TDC hood you make sure that the screw of the hood lands right on the center position of the prowler plate and this gives you the best hop-pup effect.

The nub shape of this plate is the same as the Prowler nub shape we used on our Kraken SRS Purple Nubs. it has the same shape as most used buckings and after all, proven to work with amazing results in the SRS Kraken.

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