Airsoft Sniper Tactics

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There are lots of guides out there for rifles. As many again for making effective camouflage. But simply standing there at a site in a nice ghillie suit taking pot shots with your shiny new rifle isn’t going to get you very far. You need to know what to do. And you want to be able to do it well, and that information isn’t as easy to find.

It’s often said that being a sniper is the hardest role to play in airsoft. I even hear this from popular YouTube “snipers” too. It isn’t difficult, it’s just a different mindset, where you have to accept your weaknesses and understand your strengths and how to play to them.

I’ve got a collection of sniper tactics books at home, both airsoft and real steel guides. The airsoft ones I think do take a lot from real steel, and in reality there’s very little that is applicable to airsoft, but it sounds very professional. Some are very thin on details and spend a large part of it not discussing tactics, but detract into sales pitches and other waffle. I’ve seen a lot of tactics guides from well known airsoft snipers online too, even paid for one once, and they tend to be a page of text at best that actually explains very little and in very vague detail.

So, the challenge is to create a guide that does show you a bit about what kit you need, what sort of role to fulfill on the field, and then more importantly, how to do it. In depth enough to cover the basics, but not too long that there’s too much to remember.

Although there’s a general tactics section in the menu with a few articles and ideas done previously, and a short tips guide, I wanted to do something altogether more complete, that explores the role in more detail, and to collate the best bits into one place.

The guide will be split down into five sections;

There’ll be a link to the next article in order at the bottom of each page, or feel free to read these in a mixed up order and use the links above to navigate.

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