Complete AAP01 Strip down / Rebuild (Best Airsoft Pistol Upgrades)

One of my favourite airsoft RIF of the year the Action Army AAp-01. I had been watching the progress of this pistol for some time prior to it’s release and couldn’t believe the cost of it. I had been used to pistols costing £120 and over and they still needed some work to make them shine. However, after seeing the solid hop unit being tested with 0.4 BBs and ranging out to around 60-70m straight out of the box, I knew I had to buy one to at least test. With the after market cosmetic upgrade parts coming out, the full auto capability and top/bottom rails for accessories this pistol became a permanent part of my load-out, made up of the SRS, MK23 and now the AAP-01 for those loud and proud moments! The only major flaw I have seen users having was the weak hammer that would shatter within days of being used or months. I finally got my hands on an after market steel version and dived into the depths of the lower receiver and got it installed. See how I did it and various other upgrades in this weeks episode.

Also check out how I sprayed my first AAP-01:

Products used in this guide

STALKER Panthera Fat Concave Nub (AAP-01, Kraken)
Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking 60°

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