The Kraken And Why We Started it!?

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Hello Guys!
First of all i want you to send a warm welcome to our tech and crafting website which is full of tech and crafting guides from various people around the world. We hope you like it and having a great time reading here. Take a cup of coffee or tea while i explain when and why we started to make the Stalker Kraken SRS Chamber.

Let’s talk a bit about the Stalker Kraken SRS Hopup Chamber Design

Back in 2018 we shared a funny idea on the the Stalker facebook we had the idea to put a VSR bucking inside the fasthop chamber and there it all started… We found a way to design and make another 3D printed fasthop front piece that could carry a VSR bucking. The Kraken was born!

My idea became real and i played with the 3D front piece for a long time but my brain didn’t stop thinking about a complete chamber.. so i opened the design many times and see if i could work this idea out to make one full hopup chamber which could work perfectly inside the Silverback SRS A1.
I’ve spend hours to make something that was really looking good and started to make the first prototype chambers in CNC aluminium.

But as we all know the SRS is made to shoot with AEG type buckings and works extremely well with the colored Silverback buckings in combination with the Silverback FASThop and that is still one of the best setups around and three manufacturers send a new VSRS like hopup chamber to the market after i started with this idea but still these days i saw facebook posts of people that couldn’t get their setup straight or 100% sealed i read some facebook post titles on the SRS Owners Group here: (

Facebook Post Titles like these below are very common:

“OOoof my chamber is hard to install “
“i shoot to the left and to the right all the time please help”
“Hello i don’t have 100% seal in my SRS setup”
“Which bucking is best to use with what nub??”
“Which mods should i use.. PTFE tape on the bucking or on the barrel?”
“i throw the SRS A1 out of the window and going to play a VSR again”
“i’ve sold my SRS A1 cause i couldn’t get it straight”

So my second mission started.. Upgrade my Stalker SRS Kraken chamber design to something that’s always straight and always 100% sealed without having to buy numerous other materials and use allot of mods on a bucking or barrel to get the set sealed or straight. My goal was to make something for the beginning or advanced SRS A1 User, one hopup to make evereyone happy and enjoy their SRS A1 at the most. i’ve made a one piece action amry like chamber for SRS but sadly machines couldn’t make this design as they could not drill the groove for the VSR tab deep enough, i had to split the hopup chamber make two halves and start over again. Finaly after some months i changed my design and first printed some prototype 3D prints and
i’ve tested 3D printed Kraken prototypes along with my friends and people that also helped me backing this project for some months. i gathered the feedback of the community and feedback from the prototype testers and right now we are in the final steps of the real final product! We really didn’t feel like we had to rush this chamber to bring it to the market so yes it’s true, Some brands tought we had a good idea or maybe were already busy with a VSRS like hopup design for the SRS and dropped their models on the market but looking as a designer to the current existing srs chamber models on the market i still think the Stalker Kraken SRS Chamber will be a unique piece of art that is the most modulair and Innovative chamber that will exist in the SRS community.

Product partlist till now

The Stalker Kraken SRS Chamber set will exist of the following parts:

Kraken CNC Aluminium Body
Kraken CNC Aluminium Head VSR Type (Patented)
Kraken CNC Aluminium Laser Engraved Numbered Wheel
Kraken 1-piece CNC Aluminium Hop Arm S1
Kraken Steel Hoparm Screw
Kraken Steel Body Screws

Optional Kraken parts till now are:

Kraken 1-piece CNC Aluminium Hop Arm S2
Kraken 1-piece CNC Aluminium Hop Arm S3
Stalker Prowler CNC Aluminium (Purple)
Stalker Prowler Nub Rubber 60 Degree (Black)
Stalker Prowler Nub Rubber 75 Degree (Purple)
Stalker Tigra CNC Aluminium (Orange)
Stalker Low Profile (LPP) Plastic (Blue)
Stalker Panthera Rubber 80 Degree (Red)
Kraken Self Center 100% Seal Bucking 50 Degree (Patented)
Kraken Self Center 100% Seal Bucking 55 Degree (Patented)
Kraken Self Center 100% Seal Bucking 60 Degree (Patented)
Kraken Self Center 100% Seal Bucking 65 Degree (Patented)
Kraken Self Center 100% Seal Bucking 70 Degree (Patented)

Product Features till now are:

Easy setup for pro and new players (~2 minute bucking swap)
100% Self alignment system for always straight setup
100% Straight / 100% Seal Patented Kraken Bucking
Adjustment Wheel Head Cut-Out For Easy Adjustment.
O-ring Guided Wheel
Steel Hop Arm Screw
Laser Engraved White Letters And Text.
Front O-ring to Avoid BB’s Falling Into Receiver
Modulair Chamber Design To Fit Most Buckings, Barrels And Nubs.
Modulair Arm Section to swap and use the S1, S2 and S3 arms.
Modulair Chamber Heads to swap from AEG to VSR Bucking. (Patented)
V-Groove Island for upper outer barrel screw (SRS A1)
V-Groove for lower outer barrel screw (SRS A2)
Side Flat Body Cutouts For Future Stalker Product

Prototype Kraken Chamber till now:

Products used in this guide

Stralker Kraken SRS Chamber
Stralker Kraken SRS Chamber
STALKER "Morpheus" Dual Bore Hybrid Barrel 420mm

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